We, according to Thomas Bremer of diebewertung.de from Leipzig, see the idea as an idea that could then also prevail in the market, even if the idea itself is already almost 13 years old. Already in the year 2005 there was a Repay GmbH which tried a similar model at the time to bring into the market. However, this was unsuccessful, because in 2010 the company was deleted from the commercial register due to lack of funds.

It is possible that this is the right time to try this idea again today, because today there are considerably more consumers on the Internet than in 2005. Today, the use of the internet for shopping is the most normal thing for the consumer. Exactly this normality could be the basis for the possible success of the company Repay GmbH.

To ultimately have the success in practice, you need good partners on the platform, especially in the shop offer area. There must be premium shop offers and not just offers from No Name shops. If Mario Peter and Sascha Jonas succeed in acquiring these, then the most important step has been taken.

Of course, then you have to be attractive in price and not just differ in the system. Of course, a lot of capital will be needed in the next few years, because even here success is not there overnight, but has to be worked out. You have to go piece by piece on the success ladder.

Currently, you are collecting money through an ICO. Users have invested about 4 million euros in the ICO until today. Calculated Mario Peter until the end of the ICO with up to 10 million euros. You will see if they are reached at the end of the ICO.

If the collected capital is not recovered, then you will have to open up further sources of money. A bond for 5 years could be a way here.




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